In The Hours Left Until Dawn

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“In The Hours” follows in the mold of two of the band’s most recent albums – 2020’s “Deux Anges” (another double-album) and 2021’s “Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams: Recordings for The Dark Outside”. While the latter (as its title may suggest), a collection of the band’s compositions for the UK’s storied experimental radio project, focused exclusively on the group’s more avant garde work and the former a more eclectic cross-genre endeavor, both mark the group’s affection for radio and their aim to create long-form soundscapes that evoke what the UK’s Norman Records has described as akin to “a distant late night radio transmission drifting to us as we lay half asleep in bed.”

c/p 2023 Bipolar Explorer, Slugg Records and Thirteen November Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Tremosphere’s moody, atmospheric cover of Depeche Mode’s “Little 15” + remixes by acclaimed ambient and experimental artists:

Blessed are the Hearts that Bend (UK),
Cravune (Germany),
HyMettus Woods (NC, USA),
Peter Wullen (Belgium).

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Little 15, original song written by Martin Gore.

The Kinks’ All Day and All of the Night cover by Tremosphere.

Music and lyrics by Ray Davies.
Arranged by Michael Serafin-Wells.
Artwork and photograph – Sylvia Solanas.

Get All Day and All of the Night – Tremosphere version on Bandcamp.

c. 1964 Edward Kassner Music Co. Ltd. used with permission.  c/p 2022 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP), Slugg Records.

Memoirs of a French Garden

new album by Tremosphere.

Memoirs of a French Garden, CD/digital on Bandcamp and Slugg Records.

“authentic and sincere”
“French-accented vocals are sultry and dreamy and beautiful”
read the album review by Fog Songs

#17 on WFMU Heavy Airplay List March 2022

Music and lyrics by Sylvia Solanas.
Music and additional lyrics by Michael Serafin-Wells.
Photographs and design by Sylvia Solanas.

c/p 2022 Tremosphere, Slugg Records, Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).

Depeche Mode’s Little 15 cover by Tremosphere.

Music and lyrics by Martin L. Gore.
Arranged by Michael Serafin-Wells.
Photograph and design by Sylvia Solanas.

 Get Little 15 – Tremosphere version on Bandcamp.

c/p all rights reserved.

Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams: Recordings For The Dark Outside

This album comprises the seven pieces Bipolar Explorer recorded for the UK’s storied experimental radio broadcast event The Dark Outside.

Out now on Slugg Records.
c/p 2021 Bipolar Explorer, Slugg Records, Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).
Read the review (in French) for Tremosphere's cover of All Tomorrow's Parties, on
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